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"Glory of the Hills"
Butler County Historical Society & Kansas Oil Museum, El Dorado, Kansas

Project Overview:Butler County
El Dorado is located in the Flint Hills/Tall Grass Prairie region of Kansas. This region extends from the Nebraska to the Oklahoma border and spans an area approximately four counties wide. It is expansive and beautiful with legions of passionate protectors. The rich prairie grasses that once supported vast herds of buffalo, now feed millions of beef cattle. Lower lying lands provide farm ground for such crops as corn, wheat, soybeans, milo (historic kaffir corn) and sunflowers.

Butler County

Since the discovery of oil in the 1920s, the Flint Hills have produced energy and recently the seemingly endless prairie winds are being harnessed to provide electricity, replacing traditional windmills with graceful wind turbines.

In more recent decades, the Butler County History Center & Kansas Oil Museum has focused on the area’s oil heritage, with stories of ranching and farming being all but forgotten. In their redesigned introductory gallery, encompassing approximately one-third of their total space, the BCHS has restoredButler County the much-needed balance to their story. The BCHS also wished to act as an unofficial visitors center to the Flint Hills, giving the traveler a sense of the space and inviting further exploration along the Flint Hills National Scenic Byway. Traub Design Associates teamed with Nicholas Traub Photography and Graphic Design who set out to capture the essence of the region. The exhibit uses nine panoramic photomurals (some as large as 4’ x 12’) as the backdrop for telling these forgotten stories. A photo band of enlarged historic images from the museum’s collection, sprinkled with other newly created images provides a continuum for the exhibition and interpretation of the farm and ranching artifacts in the collection. Sounds from the prairie and quotations from the extensive writings of Rolla Clymer, a local legendary journalist, enrich the visitors’ experience.


Project Date: 2007
Exhibition Size:1000 sq’ + 4000 sq’ graphics
exhibit Design Team:
    Traub Design Associates:
  • Don Traub: Principal Designer
  • Susan Traub, Project Manager
  • Nicholas Traub, Principal Graphic Designer
    Nicholas Traub Photography
  • Nicholas Traub, Fine Art Photographer
services rendered & Deliverables:
  • Exhibit Planning & Programming
  • Project Management
  • Preliminary and Final Design
  • Construction Drawings & Production Specifications
  • Audiovisual Plans, Specifications & Production
  • Original Photography and Graphic Design
  • In-house Production of all Graphics and Panoramics
  • Installation of Exhibit and Lighting