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Corporate Profile

Traub Design Associates (formerly Don Traub Exhibit Design) is a multi-faceted museum consulting and exhibit design firm that specializes in using customized consulting teams, composed of highly experienced professionals, designed to fit your particular needs.  TDA is unique in the field of museum exhibit design because:

  1. Our primary goal is to build a strong client relationship through personalized service;
  2. We firmly believe that the client should be a viable working member of the exhibit design team;
  3. There is a long-standing personal commitment to the conservation/preservation of the collection; and
  4. We have the proven ability to blend the clients’ dreams and wishes with the reality of the project’s budget.

Over the years we have completed numerous award-winning exhibits for historical organizations, universities, and corporations.

Don Traub, Design Principal, with over 35 years of museum experience and exhibit design combines other seasoned professionals to create a team specifically assembled to meet the needs of your project. The customized teams have included archivists, conservators, museum directors, cultural resource development specialists, artists, photographers, graphic designers, interactive exhibit designers, supplemental educational creators and filmmakers. Clients benefit from a highly experienced team that can complete a project on time and within budget time after time.

As an experienced museum professional with a long history of volunteerism in both historical and professional museum organizations, Don has been directly involved in the exhibit process as both a client and as the designer. He understands a client’s concerns and anxious enthusiasm about mounting a new exhibit and how this new venture will affect their organization. He is as comfortable working with corporate executives as he is sitting around a kitchen table listening to people tell their stories and describe their dreams for an exhibit. Don also understands an organization’s legal responsibility of providing perpetual care for their collections and the irreplaceable value of those artifacts and documents that help tell a unique story. He knows that historical treasures are at their greatest risk when they are on exhibit, and only by employing recognized museum conservation practices can those risks be minimized through proper lighting, air filtration and climate control. Furthermore, if clients request the information Don can advise the organization as to the proper storage of their collections and the easiest and most cost effective way of achieving their archival goals.

Traub Design Associates works with architects to create facilities best suited for an active and viable museum. Our teams of specialists have also assisted organizations in planning and programming their facility, the development of long-range plans, marketing strategies, collections storage, as well as helping to focus the exhibit story and develop exhibit interactives. Most importantly, the professionals of Traub Design Associates never forget that the story being told is unique; it belongs to the client – the most important member of the exhibit team.