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Deep Roots
Banneker Douglass Museum, Annapolis, Maryland (Project of the Department of General Services, State of Maryland)

Regional Award Winner!!

Project Overview:deep roots
The African American experience in Eastern Maryland as told at the Banneker Douglass Museum, is a multi-faceted story that incorporates the arrival of the first African, a freeman in 1634, followed by 300 years of slave history, and culminates with the civil rights struggles of the 1960's. It is a story filled with few joys and many tragedies, yet the African American spirit of bettering oneself, family and community shines through the exhibit. Traub Design Associates* formed a joint venture with Maryland architect Stephen T. Hill and Virginia graphic designer Rodney C. Williams to tell this amazing story.

deep roots

Working closely with the museum, Traub Design Associates was able to overcome several design challenges. Because of the limited space it was necessary to quickly set the exhibit's tone, prepare the visitor for his/her exhibit experience, and immerse the visitor in an earlier historical context. Prior to entering the gallery, the visitor is asked to assume the role of a captured African headed for the sale block of the Annapolis slave market. deep rootsHe/she is aboard a replica of an 18th century frigate overlooking the harbor. To complete the transition into the museum experience, the visitor moves into a state-of-the-art theater for a short introductory film. Through the inventive use of replicas, graphics, historical images and multimedia, the challenge of telling compelling stories with a minimum of artifacts was successfully overcome. This premier exhibition will provide the museum with years of service, durability and a variety of interpretative opportunities.

deep roots








Project Date: 2001-2005
Exhibition Size: 2,200 sq .ft.
Exhibit Design Team: (Joint-Venture)
  • DTED: Don Traub, Principal Designer
    Nicholas Traub, Designer
  • STH Design: Stephen T. Hill, Architect
    Lutherville, MD
  • RCW Communications: Rodney C. Williams, Graphic Designer
    Falls Church, VA
Services Rendered & Deliverables:
  • Exhibit Planning, Programming & Documentation
  • Preliminary & Final Design, Drawings & Specifications
  • Exhibit Budget Development & Delivery
  • Exhibit Lighting Plan & Specification
  • Audiovisual Plans & Specifications
  • Interactive Exhibit Elements: Planning, Design & Specifications
  • Oversight of Exhibit Installation & Lighting
Regional Award Winner:
  • The Heritage Area of Annapolis, London Town & South County, Maryland. 2006
* Formerly known as Don Traub Exhibit Design