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The Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania

Project Overview:Pattee
The exhibition of library and archival collections requires a specialized knowledge of archival conservation practices in order to avoid the detrimental effects of temperature, humidity, ultraviolet light, airborne particles and corrosive gases on rare books and documents. Working with archival and rare book collections for 25 years has provided Don Traub with the knowledge that allows for the safe display of original documents and rare books. Over a three year period Traub Design Associates* completed three successful projects for the Pattee-Paterno Library at The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), State College, PA.

The "B. and H. Henisch Photo-History Exhibit" involved a rare collection of historic photographs. Conservation and security concerns required that the key elements of the collection be digitized and graphically presented. Photographs and artifacts were scanned, arranged and combined with appropriate label text onto six panels, which were then mounted into lighted frames. Large historic photographs, in their original frames, were arranged and secured above the graphic panels.


The "Charles Mann, Jr." memorial involved the design, fabrication and installation of an oak framed commemorative graphic panel honoring a well-respected faculty member. Working with the library personnel to define the parameters of the presentation and the graphics, the 4' x 6' lighted panel incorporated biographical information, quotations, photographs, historical documents, books and manuscripts.

Two very different ADA compliant exhibit systems were also designed, one for the Diversity Reading Room and the other for the Rare Books Collection. This involved working closely with the personnel of two library departments to plan and assess future needs, then researching and designing the exhibit systems. The first exhibit system included secured semi-circular and vertical casework that was used in an ambitious temporary exhibit schedule. The second system incorporated state-of-the-art technology for the display of archival and historical collections.

Project Date: 1998 - 2001
Exhibition Size: 400 sq. ft. - 3,200 sq. ft.
  • Planning Documents
  • Exhibit Production Schedules
  • Exhibit Budgets
  • Preliminary & Final Design Drawings
  • Exhibit Maintenance Manuals
Services Rendered:
  • Long-Range Planning
  • Programming
  • Exhibit Design, Fabrication & Installation
  • Project Management
Design Team:
  • Don Traub: Principal Designer, Fabricator & Installer
  • Nicholas Traub: Graphic Designer & Installer
*Formerly known as Don Traub Exhibit Design